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San Diego NAR 2009!   November 13 - 16 San Diego Convention Center


Check us out at the Green Pavilion!!!! (booth 2337)

"I love innovation and these AgentsLight folks have taken the “For Sell” sign night  light to a whole new level.  Can you imagine driving down the street at night and YOUR listing is the only sign that can be seen?  Talk about a competitive edge! The solar panel does its magic without batteries and the innovative LED light bulb positioning fires a bright beam on both your “For Sell” sign AND your rider.  I was impressed with the solid construction and the ease of installment—took me less than a minute with no tools.  And think about the competitive edge in your next listing appointment.  Showing a potential client your technological advantage is sure to differentiate you from other agents.  Every “For Sell” sign should carry this competitive advantage."                            - Your Reality Insider  (Check out no. 3!)

Importance of a Sign in a Yard!  -  "64% of buyers found the home they purchased, due to the real estate sign! With Agentslight® your sign gets more exposure!

Agentslight® is now on C.A.R magazine! Check us out in the REFERRALS page of the magazine!

NEW! Check out our new solar panel self-adjustent guide!  Just select a city near you from the drop down menu, and click GO to open!  Now you can optimize your unit for maximum night illumination.  Just orient your solar panel according to month using our simple 1 - 5 method.

Las Vegas NAR 2007!

(AgentLight® at the NAR)


(AgentsLight® on display in Las Vegas!)


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